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Published: 2021-09-13 13:00:12
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Mustafa abdulle

Summarizer 54-77
Arnold is a transfer student at Reardan high school. He wakes up early in the morning to go to school because the school is out of the reservation. His parents are worried about their son going to a white school. Reardan is a racist school that is located on the opposite side of the reservation. If he would turn around and come back to the reservation he would be pummeled, mutilated, and crucified but he chooses to go there. A young blond girl leaned over toward him and asks his name while he is in class and he told his name is Arnold. In a minute to word spread out to the class and everyone start laughing. He was surprise that they were laughing at his name. Junior didn't say a word for six days. He became a target in Reardan and he got into a fistfight with a Roger who is the biggest bully in the school. Junior punched roger in the face then roger starts bleeding from the nose. Junior become more scare that roger will get revenge then he asks his grandmother for advice. She said don't get scare you will get respect from him.

Connector 1-24
When I was young and was in my country I use to fight with every one that lives in the community. Every day I have to fight while I am going to school, coming back from the school, and playing soccer with the children around me. They called me names that hurt my feelings then I will get mad and start fighting with them but all the time I was a trouble maker but I will lose most of the fights and coming back home with a black eye . Every day when I get into a fight the kid that I fight with his parents will come to my home then start arguing with my parents telling them that they need to teach me a lesson of respecting and stop fighting with the other kids in the community. At the same time my parents would came up to me that tell me I need to stop making myself a target to everyone in the community. But I can't blame my parents for our poor quality because my mother and father are the twin suns around which I orbit and my world would explode without them. And it is not like my mother and father were born into wealth.
In addition to, my parents would give me an advice everyday to not fight and it made me to sacrifice my life to not make everyday my parents to worry about me. This shows that Arnold believe that his parents were worry about him every day he won't fight with someone

Analyst (45)
"Who has the most hope" they studied each other's eyes like they had antennas and were sending radio signals to each other "White people." Arnold wants to challenge his life by leaving the reservation and discovering his hope also the dreams that he is willing they will became true. Arnold wants to sacrifice his life by getting a better life for

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