Scientific Management Movement

Published: 2021-09-11 18:00:10
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Scientific Management Movement:-
Fredrick Winslon Taylor(1856-1915) launched the scientific management movement and gave a great fillip to the use of scientific methods in the development of effective techniques of organization and management.
Scientific management (also called Taylorism,The Taylor System).
F.W Talyor was an American mechanical engineer who sought to improve industrial efficiency.
In America it was felt that forests are vanishing, water powers are going to waste, coal and iron ending. The human efforts were ill directed, inefficient and traditional.
The scientific management movement demanded the administration to be seen scientifically. It believed that better results could be achieved by adopting Scientific methods and developing scientific techniques like measurements of work, time and motions; work flow charts; cost accounting and opinion sampling and polls.
Salient features of Scientific management:-
1. It replaces traditional method by scientific method.
2. It emphasizes on material and method instead of man Men are not the objectives but are means to an end.
3. It separates planning and execution. Manager plan, while carryout these plans.

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