Sea the Truth Directed by Claudine Everaert and Gertjan Zwanikken

Published: 2021-09-13 19:00:09
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Sea The Truth is a film directed by Claudine Everaert and Gertjan Zwanikken in 2010. It is a documentary about how the ocean will be affected and empty in few decade, and what are the causes of it.The film starts by interviewing Dos Winkel, a Conservationist, who demonstrates how the sea become emptier and emptier and the only way to solve the problem. He also shows how important it is to protect the ocean by showing the beautiful image of the ocean. Then, the film shifts to interviewed two marine biologists that show the research of how the fish disappeared.The second part shows that one of the causes of the problem is overfishing by showing the case of St. John’s Newfoundland, which is famous for its rich fish grounds in Canada for centuries but all the codfish are gone as the overfishing (is) started. Afterwards, the film moves to Bonaire where the sea area is well protected as commercial fishing is prohibited and Marine Park are established. The third part of the story shows the pollution is also one of the causes of the problem. It started by showing how the fish is full of position as they ate the plastic and asserted it. And as we consumed it, we may also just like eating plastic ourselves.

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