Semantic Technologies and Open Innovation

Published: 2021-09-15 09:40:09
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Open Innovation is a new paradigm for improving the innovation processes of enterprises, based on the collaborative creation and development of ideas and products. The key feature of this new paradigm is that the knowledge used in this process comes not only from internal sources, i.e. R&D departments, but also from other employees, clients, etc.

The introduction of the Open Innovation paradigm in an enterprise requires not just a modification of the corporate process of innovation but also a cultural change which requires support by an advanced technological infrastructure. It requires corporate knowledge to be made explicit, exchanged and shared between participants, and therefore tools for knowledge management, analysis support and information structuring are required to make these tasks affordable and the data available to all the involved actors. In addition, tools for innovation process support have to provide a high degree of interactivity, connectivity and sharing. All these characteristics can be identified in an Enterprise 2.0 environment where editing and creating documents is easier and interaction and collaboration are key aspects.

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