Seven Pounds

Published: 2021-09-13 19:25:10
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Reading this story created two main questions in my mind is there really a standard used to determine a good person? And second would be how did Tim Thomas pick his recipients?
This Jeopardy part played out in my mind while reading the story of, Seven Pounds. It is so heartwarming that it was filmed in 2008 starred Will Smith as Tim Thomas , but all throughout the story he uses the name Ben his brother's name to which the reason is revealed at the end. He is a depressed and guilt ridden man. The story centers on a tragic event. Two years previous, Tim was driving with his fiancée, Sarah. While driving, he became distracted from using his cell phone and he caused a crash with another vehicle. Seven people died 6 people in the other vehicle and Tim's fiancée. Tim survived. This event produces immense guilt in Tim and he looks for redemption by transforming the lives of seven people. Tim donates a lung lobe to his brother, Ben (an IRS employee), a liver to a woman named Holly (a social services worker), a kidney to George (a hockey coach), and bone marrow to a young boy named Nicholas. In order to choose his last three recipients, Tim uses his brother's identity, an IRS officer, to obtain private information and to enable meetings with the recipients.
He also chooses a blind meat salesman named Ezra, a victim of domestic violence, Connie, and Emily, a greeting card printer with a heart condition with whom Tim falls in love. Tim gives his beautiful beach house to Connie so that she and her two children can escape the abusive boyfriend. Tim's gift to Ezra and Emily came after he committed suicide in a bath tub. He died by putting a venomous box jellyfish in the tub with him. Ezra received Tim's corneas and Emily received Tim's heart.

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