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Published: 2021-09-14 19:55:11
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The print advertisement got your attention, didn't it. As marketers isn't attention to our brand is what we desire, what we crave? The Puma advert is actually a very well produced fake and first made it's appearance on the internet in 2003. Puma had distanced itself from the advert and immediately stated that the advert was a copyright infringement. My point here is that the advert, although fake, shows graphically an extreme to which ethics is questionable in advertising and use of sex to sell. I can furthmore argue Puma did through this fiasco did receive brand awareness.

The statement "sex sells" is questionable. I would contend that clever advertising, brilliant marketing, and off course a good product, sells a product. This is irrespective if advertisers use sexuality in the form of imagery, nudity or suggestion. What sex does, is lure attention to the advert. The goal of advertising is to inform, persuade and remind.

Advertising is a form of marketing communication.

The Toyota Rav 4 advert (Annexure A) is a print advert which appeared in a magazine. The advert shows a sexy model, next to a Toyota Rav 4. Once you have done staring at the model, you then direct your attention to the RAV 4, study the lines of the car. Stop staring!

Marketing communication is the communication that marketers employ, which endeavors to influence prospective customers to purchase the brand of the product being advertised. Advertising is a method of mass promotion in that a single message can reach a large number of people. Advertising, however leads to the marketing communication reaching not only the target market, but a general market.

Herein lies the quandary of advertisers of using sex to sell.

"This is the Warm Hearted candy Love and she thinks she'd be perfect for Rich Blue Diamond. But Blue Diamond thinks he'd go better with Cocoa Blush, because she's rich too. However she is more interested in Forest Lake. Now Forest Lake has been flirting with Treacle Tart, but she has discovered he is no good in the bedroom and she has now gone off with Brooklyn Nights. Who is fabulous..." (Annexure 1). The fore is from a television advert for Dulux Paints. Dulux has used sexual innuendo which is open to sexual interpretation. Advertisers can assert that the advert is creatively and tastefully done, and makes the consumer aware of the product and product applications. The concept of sex is used by the brand with respectable effect.

Steers Fast Foods, used risqué advertising to sell hamburgers. Steers television advert was screened in 2008. The advert starts with a male voice over, "Thanks to an ingenious technological breakthrough this TV set is able to detect exactly where viewers eyes are focused at any given moment." The advert is basically a screen split in two. To the left are women sexually suggestively dressed and modeling. To the right are various screen shots and angles of Steers hamburgers. Over the images are red dots and a green "target" like mark showing where the viewers eyes are focus. The green mark switches between the provocative body parts of the women and the focal points of the hamburger. The advert ends with the catchphrase, "It's that good." (Annexure 2). As a marketer I question the sexual overture in the Steers advert. Steers would argue their hamburgers are so good, they detract, the very nature of mans sexual desire, to its hamburgers.

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