Short Story: Summer Faith of Maine

Published: 2021-09-12 09:10:10
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Summer Faith of MaineIt was seven a.m. in the morning when Maine woke up. It had been her habit. She used to sweep their backyard every morning, but not now, not until she becomes well. From her room’s window, she was just staring at the tree outside as its fruits slightly sway with the gentle blowing of wind. She can’t help but to be contented by looking at it.That day was the official start of summer. Every child was playing outside with their classmates as if they were dogs who had been freed from a long-time in their cages. “Maine,” her mother called on her. “Breakfast is ready. Come on.” “Okay mom,” she replied as her mother approaches to assist her. Down a chair in front of the table. Walking towards the refrigerator, her mother noticed the calendar on the wall as it marked the month of April. It reminded her of something.“Two months, just this summer.” It kept on echoing in her mind. “Mrs Valdez, your daughter has only two months. It’s miracle if she would make it up to June,” the doctor said.She froze at the moment, It’s like the tik tak of the clock has stopped. It’s so hard for a mother, like her, to accept the fate of her daughter, to die within months and she can’t do anything about it.“Who are you to say that? You’re just a doctor. You’re not God. You don’t have the right to say that my daughter will left us,” she exclaimed.

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