Should Companies offer Paternity Leave

Published: 2021-09-15 05:55:09
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1. For years maternity leave has been a benefit that has been provided for mothers-to-be by employers and companies. However, there are not too many companies that provide the same benefit to fathers-to-be. Companies should offer paternity leave for expectant fathers. By offering paternity leave for fathers-to-be companies allow fathers to be a benefit of paid or unpaid time off work to care for their child, make arrangements for the child's welfare, and preparation for the adoption of a child
a. Offering paternity leave for fathers -to-be allows time off work to care for their child
i. Fathers are able to care for the child as they grow through their first stage of life
ii. Fathers are able to get to know their child and their child's needs
iii. Fathers are able to attend their child's birth & other procedures as well
b. Offering paternity leave for fathers-to-be allows fathers to make arrangements for their child's welfare
i. Father and mothers need time to find a trusted pediatrician
ii. Fathers can help in searching for adequate child-care
iii. Father's can assist mother's who have had cesarean deliveries
c. Offering paternity leave for fathers offer time to prepare for the adoption of a child

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