Should We Support Economic Development or Water Restoration in the Great Lakes Region?

Published: 2021-09-12 21:50:10
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Should we support economic development or water restoration in the Great Lakes region?

North America has cleaned thousands of cubic yards of sediments in the Great Lakes every year, but companies like agribusiness corporations contribute millions of dollars to lobbyists to go against it, making the water restoration efforts harder. These agribusinesses stand in the way of clean water for all Americans, contributing to poor water quality to the Lakes. Enforcing the Clean Water Act will ensure Americans' health, aquatic life, ecosystem, wetlands, and a clean water system for future generations; however, agribusiness companies buttress their cause by arguing that the Act cost too much, discourage business development by limiting discharge of contaminants, and increase the Environmental Protection Agency's influence over state and government matters (Reference for Business, 2011/5/19). The controversy over balancing a prosperous economy and restoring water quality has been going on for years. Private companies should come under strict management by the government and public to ensure that America's future generations have a clean water source.

The contaminants in the Great Lakes affect both humans and fauna. Research shows that pesticides like PCBs will accumulate within fish like the Rainbow Trout or the Chinook Salmon. Environmentalists warn that eating fish may be a thing of the past, as the high levels of toxins contribute to human health risks. Families are also affected by contaminated water: Jennifer Hall-Massey's family was forced to rely on drinking water brought by trucks. Their bathwater was heavily contaminated by lead and other heavy metals, producing painful rashes for the whole family. Contaminated water will leave children in danger of altered sexual characteristics or other hormonal functions. The evidence proves that water restoration is needed for the health of animals and humans (, 2009). Therefore, we must save the Great Lakes. Clearing sediments assists in having clean water for all, from bathing water to drinking water, and providing a place clear of pollution for recreation. The Great Lakes, as the largest
body of freshwater, will be an important water source for future generations.

The Great Lakes has been cleaned by many organizations, and in total cleared more than 7,000,000 cubic yards of polluted sediments (EPA, 2009). Efforts to save the lakes have been sponsored by the U.S. government every year; President Obama also approved a $475 million budget for the cleanup (Koff, 2009). A Canadian organization cleared a total 98,071 kg of litter (Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, 2010). Efforts to save America's waterways are showing progress, restoring its water quality and glory of it's past gradually.
Although restoring the water quality of the Great Lakes will

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