Similarities of the Han Dynasty and the Rome Dynasty During Pax Romana

Published: 2021-09-12 22:10:09
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During the time periods of the Pax Romana and Pax Sinica, the Han Dynasty was similar to the Rome dynasty in many ways, yet differed in areas as well. They both had extensive ways to trade (Silk Road for Han, and Roadways and Mediterranean for Rome), and they both facilitated trading by using a similar form of currency so that transferring currency was not necessary. They also were comparable in their ideas for diplomacy. They both wanted to expand their empires and sought ways for smooth and effective growth. The Han Dynasty and the Rome Dynasty differed, however, in the intellectual development and philosophical department because while Rome was making advances in engineering and architecture and permitting Christianity, the Han Dynasty was advancing in sciences and making things like paper and gunpowder, and were developing the philosophy of Confucianism.
The Romans and the Hans were very similar in the way they traded. Both had a very specific way to trade that they used for almost their entire existence that helped them transfer goods safely and efficiently from one dynasty to the other. They both also formed their own form of currency that even furthered the extensive trade they had. The currency made it easier for people to negotiate on what they were trading, so instead of trading two pigs for a cart, they could now just pay a certain amount of the coins and it would be an equivalent trade.While the Romans did have the Mediterranean Sea as an effective trade route, the Hans had something very similar to the Romans extensive roadway systems in their Silk Road. The Silk Road extended over miles and miles, making trading extremely efficient and safe. Productive and efficient trade helped both of these empires' economy thrive and eventually became a critical part of their economy. When the trade collapsed in these empires, they did too eventually, because they relied so heavily on it.

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