Slavery and Sectional Attitudes

Published: 2021-09-13 03:15:08
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Slavery had been practiced in America for many years. By the 1840s the rapid expansion of cotton and the growing abolitionist movements sparked a great debate over slavery. Several northern Americans decided to perceive slavery as an evil, while southern Americans defended slavery as good. Both sides made arguments to support whether slavery was evil or good based on morals and economics.
There were many reasons why the North described slavery as evil. One of these reasons was the moral injustice of treating slaves as animals. Slaves had no natural rights. Several slaves lived in inhumane conditions and were forced to work long hours in the day. Abraham Lincoln became a supporter against slavery and argued that slaves were people. In his speech at Peoria, Abraham Lincoln addressed the issue of slavery, saying that slavery was declining the progress of America and destroying America`s freedom (Document D). Hinton Helper also thought slavery was weakening the progress of America economically. He argued that slavery was not an efficient way to develop Southern commerce. The North had advanced more economically with the use of domestic and foreign trade; the North had the ships, mariners, and naval architects. Hinton Helper wrote The Impending Crisis which condemned slavery and claimed that slavery hindered Southern economic development and industrialization (Document E). Uncle Tom`s Cabin represented the reality of slave life and changed how Americans depicted slave life. The book demanded freedom and equality. Uncle Tom`s Cabin became the greatest book of the age and thousands of copies were sold. This book persuaded Americans to become against slavery, especially Northerners.

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