Smarter Measure Assessment

Published: 2021-09-13 04:15:10
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The Smarter Measure Assessment helps to assess college readiness skills, identifies resources to build academic skills, and to develop professional goals. Seven different assessments are embedded in the Smarter Measure report. These include life factors, personal attributes, learning styles, reading rate and recall, technical competency, technical knowledge, and typing speed and accuracy. The life factors section helps eliminate factors in your life that may impact your ability to continue your education. The section measures five items: time, place, reason, resources, and skills. Resources are the support you have to help you with continuing education, such as support from family and friends. My weaknesses under the life factors section are time and place. The individual attributes section measures time management, procrastination, persistence, academic attributes, locus of control, and willingness to ask for help. Academic attributes reflects your academic history. Help seeking reflects willingness to ask for help. Time management is how you make time for your studies. Under the individual attributes section my strengths are academic attributes, which states that my academic history shows that I shouldn't experience academic challenges. My weakness under the individual attributes would be locus of control. The learning style section recognizes the person's preferred learning style. The reading rate and recall section determines the on-screen reading rate in words per minute and the on-screen reading recall. The technical competency section determines the ability to use the computer and the internet. The technical knowledge section determines the knowledge of using technology and the applications related to the technology.

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