Stay-At-Home Parents Versus Working Parents

Published: 2021-09-12 21:50:10
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Stay-At-Home Parents versus Working Parents
Do you have children? Do you wonder if it would be best for you, your kids and your family if one parent stayed home with the children? Who is the best candidate, the mom or the dad? There are actually mixed emotions about this topic and the answer is not an easy one. Parents have to discuss their circumstances, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide which is going to be the best way for the family right now. This essay will show you those pros and cons of a stay at home parent. I say parents because although the majority of the stay at home parents is mothers, there are some fathers who are the chosen ones. Some families firmly believe their children mature faster and develop better socially in an outside childcare environment, while other families believe the best way is for the parent to stay home and give proper nurturing to their children, no matter what the age.
It has been recorded that as an average, there are 162 million babies born per year. This means that the parent's bundle of joy needs to be cared for either by a parent, grandparent or childcare assistant. Now, the big question is who is the most qualified or what is in the best interest of your children. Does one parent stay home or do both parents continue to work? Some researchers have actually stated that those who continue to work are better off than those staying home and nurturing their children, in order to protect your career.
The pros to this topic is children will have the best care of them all, their parent, nurturing them and taking care of all their needs. Children feel safe and more secure coming home from school to a parent rather than to an empty house with instructions taped to the refrigerator. When your child gets sick you will automatically be there to take of them without fear of missing work or getting fired, you are there watching them grow and learning from them as they are from you, you will always be there for the first moments, you will be saving money on childcare, work clothes/uniforms, lunches, and gas. It has even been said the family has less stress when a parent is home taking care of the household and family.
It is hard for a single parent to make this decision without the proper support, however it can be done. Working from home and home schooling is a couple of options as well. This gives you the best of both worlds; however, you have more obstacles and disruptions in the course of day than working in an outside office, there is also the fact that you have a schedule to follow each day. There is also the option of one or both parents only working part-time and giving your child time out socially, while at the same time keeping him from being in this environment all day, which could at times cause the child to be fatigued and stressed. This also gives both parents a chance to be with their children on a daily basis, without feeling resentment being the sole provider and having to work outside the home.

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