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Published: 2021-09-01 08:45:10
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Category: American History

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a. Strengths
1. For Purple Pixel to become one of the most well known establishment in the area.
2. For the business to become one of the most advanced yet affordable commercial printing establishment by continuously seeking for the latest trends and improvements in the industry.
3. To become a benchmark of quality amongst its kind.

b. Weaknesses
1. To attract clients not only from around the area, but become an inviting establishment to clients from different places as well.
2. To become a better option over well established business, by providing them a warm service and quality products that the industry demands.
3. For the business to earn profit in a shorter period of time and continuously become a well sustaining business in the area even with the unstable change of supply costs.

c. Opportunities
1. To be able continuously innovative products and services that no other business offer.
2. To eventually have a broader market and not just those of the advertising industry.
3. To in time, be able to sustain an online web based service that will allow online transactions with its clients, thus broadening its target market.

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